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1. This is now the shortest possible route from the CBD of Brisbane to undeveloped native forest & National Park.

2. In normal traffic, it takes 20 minutes to reach Brisbane Forest Park at the bottom of the Mountain and 15 to 20 minutes to our community.

3. There is no development, commercial, residential or otherwise, within or beyond our community so traffic flow beyond The Gap is only for Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious.

4. The Gap at Settlement Road is approximately 10 km’s from the CBD – around the same distance as Chermside/Wavell Heights, Mt Gravatt/Mansfield, Graceville/Sherwood, Kenmore/Figtree Pocket. There are hundreds of thousands of people who live beyond these suburbs which everyone competes with in traffic on their way home from work.

5. Unlike the major freeways and arterial roads out of the CBD which are designed to take traffic to the outer suburbs and beyond, our commuting road beyond The Gap is predominantly a path which people utilize in leisure time. There are no shopping centres, shopping villages, bus terminals, traffic lights, freeways, ringroads, mainroads, arterial roads, bypasses, traincrossings, fast food outlets, housing estates, industrial estates, cluster developments, megastores, megaplexes, megamarts, hypermarkets, hyperdomes, hypertension………